Shao Mai {烧麦}, also known as Shumai or Siu Mai, are traditional Chinese steamed dumplings. Shanghai-style vegan Shao Mai, shaped like a mini pomegranate and featuring stir-fried sweet rice is so naturally delicious and healthy. Shiitake mushrooms, peas, corns, and carrots add contrasting flavor, texture, and nutrition.

What is shumai(干蒸)?

“Gan Zheng Shao Mai” is a traditional delicacy of the Han ethnic group in Guangdong Province, and it is one of the must-try popular dim sum items in Cantonese tea houses. It is a part of Cantonese cuisine. In the 1930s, Gan Zheng Shao Mai had already become a sensation in various parts of Guangdong, and in the past two decades, it has also spread to major cities in Guangxi, making it an essential offering in Lingnan teahouses and restaurants.

Gan Zheng Shao Mai is primarily made from a mixture of half-fat, half-lean pork, shrimp, wonton wrappers, and eggs. The ingredients are seasoned with light soy sauce, sugar, salt, chicken bouillon, white pepper, cornstarch, and cooking wine. When mentioned in the context of Cantonese dim sum, many people immediately think of shrimp dumplings and shao mai. Gan Zheng Shao Mai is characterized by its thin wrappers enveloping semi-exposed meat filling, which is steamed to perfection. It boasts a vibrant color, delightful flavor, and a refreshing, non-greasy texture.

Shumai machine(干蒸机)

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