Rice shumai(糯米烧卖)

Shao Mai {烧麦}, also known as Shumai or Siu Mai, are traditional Chinese steamed dumplings. Shanghai-style vegan Shao Mai, shaped like a mini pomegranate and featuring stir-fried sweet rice is so naturally delicious and healthy. Shiitake mushrooms, peas, corns, and carrots add contrasting flavor, texture, and nutrition.

What is Chinese rice Shaomai?Rice Shumai is also known as sticky rice shumai,sticky rice dumpling or Shanghai Shaomai.

Legend says Shao Mai was originally from the Beijing area around the late Ming Dynasty era, which lasted from 1368 to 1644 A.D. Most stories pointed to two brothers who ran a Bao Zi {steamed buns} Shop together. When the older brother got married, he took over the business but allowed the younger brother to stick around and help out.

Additionally, as long as the younger brother finished all the chores for the day, he could have a small side-business of his own to make some extra money. The younger brother thus started to make mini Bao Zi at the end of the day. Since he wouldn’t have much time to wait for the dough to proof, he would just use the unleavened dough to make dumpling wrappers.
It is tricky to use dumpling wrappers to make mini Bao Zi. The wrapper is smaller and is not as flexible and stretchy as that of a leavened dough wrapper. Nevertheless, the younger brother figured out a way to make it work. He would pinch the wrapper in a circular motion to tighten the dumpling wrapping, but leave it open on the top.

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