Har Gow(水晶虾饺)

What is Har Gow?

Har gow (sometimes anglicized as “ha gow”, “haukau”, “hakao”; Chinese: 蝦餃; Jyutping: haa1 gaau2; Cantonese Yale: hā gáau; pinyin: xiājiǎo; lit. ‘shrimp jiao’) is a traditional Cantonese dumpling served as dim sum.

The dumpling is sometimes called a shrimp bonnet for its pleated shape. This dish is often served together with shumai; when served in such a manner the two items are collectively referred to as har gowsiu mai (Chinese蝦餃燒賣pinyinxiājiǎo shāomàiJyutpinghaa1 gaau2 siu1 maai2Cantonese Yalehā gáau sīu máai).

Har gowshumaicha siu bao, and egg tarts are considered the classic dishes of Cantonese cuisine and referred to as The Four Heavenly Kings. (Chinese: 四大天王; pinyin: sì dà tiān wáng; Cantonese Yale: sei daaih tīn wòhng).

These shrimp dumplings are transparent and smooth. The prawn dumplings first appeared in Guangzhou outskirts near the creek bazaar Deli. This dish is said to be the one that the skill of a dim sum chef is judged on. Traditionally, ha gow should have at least seven and preferably ten or more pleats imprinted on its wrapper. The skin must be thin and translucent, yet be sturdy enough not to break when picked up with chopsticks. It must not stick to the paper, container or the other ha gow in the basket. The shrimp must be cooked well, but not overcooked. The amount of meat should be generous, yet not so much that it cannot be eaten in one bite.

How to Make Har Gow in the Machine?

Because the wrapper is very sticky, now it still cannot make fully automatically.But our machine can make the har gow wrapper and put the quantitive filling on the wrapper.Then the workers fold the har gow by hand.This will also save a lot of labor.

Har Gow Machine(虾饺机)

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