Handmade dumpling(手工饺子)

Jiaozi (Chinese: 餃子) are a type of Chinese dumpling. Jiaozi are folded to resemble Chinese sycee and have great cultural significance attached to them within China. Jiaozi are one of the major dishes eaten during the Chinese New Year throughout northern China and eaten all year round in the northern provinces. Though considered part of Chinese cuisine, jiaozi are popular in other parts of East Asia and in the Western world, where a fried variety is referred to as potstickers.

How to save labor to make fully handmade dumpling?

The dumpling shapes can be very different when making by hand.And the wrapper is also different.To increase the output and save labor cost, the wrapper cutting and filling machines are highly recommended.Because the wrapper and filling can be accurately controlled by machines, this will save a lot of labor and the qualilty will not decrease.

Wrapper cutting and filling machine(切皮注馅机)

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